Bluewater Advanced Treatment Units ATUs

Very simply, your Bluewater ATU consists of 2 chambers: an inner Treatment chamber and an outer Settling chamber.

Air is blown into the ATU by an electrically powered compressor. The air is circulated from the bottom using air stones, these produce thousands of micro bubbles, diffusing oxygen into the water.

The air rising through the liquid inside this chamber increases the oxygen supply to the micro-organisms that are naturally present in the system. This accelerates the growth and activity of these naturally occurring microorganisms, which break down and degrade the solids to a clear effluent and a non-toxic sludge.

To improve the efficiency of the Unit, the inner chamber contains plastic media. This media provides a large surface area to which the microorganisms adhere and grow.

The diffused air also operates as an ‘Air Lift’ which re-circulates solids from the outer Settlement chamber to the inner Treatment chamber. This recirculation ensures that the effluent is completely treated. The process runs continuously 24 hours a day.

As there are no moving, mechanical or electrical parts within the Bluewater, faults are extremely rare. With the exception of the air blower and the failure alarm, these systems do not contain any user-repairable or user-replaceable parts. Maintenance is very simple and only takes a few minutes every 6 months.




How does it work?

Septic Tank Problems Once your Bluewater unit has been installed operation may commence. The unit’s air compressor or blower runs continuously to feed air to the diffusers located in the base of the treatment chamber. This oxygenates the wastewater and ensures constant circulation of the waste through the system. As our unique design has no corners, there is nowhere for sludge to accumulate and to become septic. This simple but effective approach significantly reduces any odor from the system.

Septic Tank Problems Once the unit is in operation biomass builds up on the surface area of the plastic media within the treatment chamber and is also retained in suspension circulating around both chambers. For your peace of mind the unit comes with an air delivery failure alarm. If air delivery to the system is interrupted for any reason the alarm will sound and flash. If the alarm is not alerting you to a problem, the air blower is operating and there is no odor from the system, you may rest assured that the unit is functioning properly.

What can be treated?

Septic Tank Problems Your Bluewater Unit treats all normal human and household waste. As with all ATUs your Bluewater cannot break down non-organic waste so, in order to maintain the efficiency of your system, you should take the usual care and precautions to ensure that such items do not enter your waste systems.

Septic Tank Problems To avoid overloading the system we advise against the use of a waste disposal unit in your kitchen sink unless it feeds the ATU through a grease-trap: we suggest however, that this waste is best disposed of by composting, remembering that you must remain compliant with any relevant local and state regulations.

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